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Emergency plumbing and heating services in London

Need emergency plumbing and heating services in London? We can help! Welcome to National Plumbing Service! We offer reliable, top-notch solutions at affordable prices.

From leaky taps, burst pipes and gas leaks, our fully qualified and experienced Emergency Plumbers can arrive at your property at suitable time to deal with your plumbing problems.

All of our engineers are Gas Safe Registered, we also provide a wide range of services, from investigating and diagnosing your existing heating system, or looking at suitable options for a new installation. If your existing heating system is not efficient or requires urgent repairs. No matter what you need help with contact our support team and share your requirements with us.

We strive to work efficiently and within budget. If you require more information  please do give us a call and speak to our friendly support team. Don’t wait, call us now!

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Our Services in London

Local plumbing and heating services in London

London locals consider us their one-stop solution for all plumbing and heating services. We provide our services for both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced team of plumbers and engineers is fully equipped to handle a wide array of situations, providing you with peace of mind. Remember, we work with transparency with our customers. That’s the beauty of our services. You can consider us for a one-stop plumbing and heating solution Let’s see what we covered:

Fast and round-the-clock assistance for plumbing emergencies. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll be at your door within an hour!

Quick solutions for clogged pipes, drains, and sewers.

Clearing clogged drains, sinks, toilets, and sewer lines.

Installation of new sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, faucets, and more.

Fixing or replacing faulty shower valves for optimal shower functionality.

Installation and repair of plumbing for dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, and other water-using appliances.

Installation, repair, and maintenance of toilets, sinks, faucets, showers, bathtubs, dishwashers, washing machines, and more.

Includes boiler repair, maintenance, and installation.

Radiator repairs, servicing, and underfloor heating services.

Repairing or replacing malfunctioning water heaters to ensure a steady supply of hot water.

Installation and maintenance of water filtration systems for clean drinking water.

Safe and certified repairs and installations for gas leaks and gas appliances.

Helping you switch to water-saving fixtures and efficient plumbing systems.

Identifying and fixing hidden leaks to save water and prevent damage.

Repairing or replacing damaged pipes caused by wear and tear, corrosion, or freezing.

Installation and repair of stopcocks (also known as isolation valves) to control water flow in specific areas.

 Installing and maintaining backflow prevention devices to prevent contaminated water from entering your home’s drinking water supply.

This minimally invasive technique repairs damaged sewer lines without extensive excavation.

Converting toilets from low-flow to high-efficiency models for water conservation.

Installation and repair of faucets, hose bibs, sprinkler systems, and other outdoor plumbing features.

Visual Inspection, Water Pressure Check, Drain Cleaning, Safety Check, Preventative Maintenance Tasks, and more. That helps you save money, time, and avoid unwanted situations.

Why choose our plumbing company in London?

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Based on 80 reviews
Lauren Sudworth
Lauren Sudworth
Fran H
Fran H
National Plumbing Service we’re great! They send a knowledgable and friendly engineer out quickly. Excellent service. Highly recommend and will definitely use again. Thank you!
We had a shower that leaked sometimes (but not others) into the flat underneath. Adam had the inspired idea of accessing the shower pipes through the back of a stud wall rather than ripping out the shower enclosure and tray. I found Adam reliable and very good at communicating.
Francisco zarate
Francisco zarate
Adam did an excellent job repairing the boiler and servicing the unvented hot water tank as I could not find plumbers who can do it. Highly recommended
Matthew Dyer
Matthew Dyer
I managed to create a little plumbing issue which needed quick attention. I spoke to Adam at 1pm and by 3pm he was with me with the problem fixed within an hour. Adam was very professional and personable and will now be my go to local plumber whenever I get out of my depth.
Martin Bates
Martin Bates
Abdul did a very professional job replacing a broken electric shower with a new mixer shower. We agreed a price and the job was completed to the agreed schedule. The new shower is great. I would recommend this company.
Tengo Paul
Tengo Paul
Excellent service. Incredibly knowledgeable and went above and beyond to deliver not just what I needed but extra tasks beyond the scope including some for free. Have already reached out for more work again and would highly recommend.
Emma Mcevoy
Emma Mcevoy
I called National Plumbing Services after discovering a leak in the bathroom. I received a really prompt response and the source of the leak was identified quickly and the problem fixed in no time. Adam was friendly, professional and very efficient - he provided a great service and I would highly recommend!
Pitchaya Tanamun
Pitchaya Tanamun
The first time using the service, the engineer was so professional and did it quickly. The washing machine pipe does not leak anymore. Will definitely use your service again whenever it happens.
shamima begum
shamima begum
Highly recommended. Used there services for the 2nd time now. Thank you again.

Professional Plumbing Service at affordable cost

We can take care of everything from urgent plumbing repairs to finding and correcting pipe leaks. Your pipes will remain clear and trouble-free thanks to our drain cleaning and unclogging services. Look no farther if you need a water heater installed or repaired.

Additionally, we provide professional toilet repair and replacement services to keep your bathroom completely operational. Our qualified specialists offer flawless installations for faucets and fixtures.

Regardless of the plumbing problem, we are here to help you with dependable and all-inclusive services. National Plumbing Service offers excellent plumbing solutions at affordable Price. For any of your plumbing requirements, call us now!

Boiler Installation Services

Looking for professional Boiler Installation services? Our Gas Safe registered engineers ensure safe and efficient installations. A reliable boiler is essential for maintaining a comfortable and warm home. A properly installed boiler is even more important as winter approaches.

It plays a key function in heating your entire property in addition to providing hot water for your daily demands. A properly installed boiler may increase energy efficiency, save utility costs, and help create a greener world. If you want new boiler installations, replacements, or maintenance services, please contact us.

Central Heating Service

In particular during the frigid winter months, a dependable and effective central heating system is the foundation of a warm and cozy home. The installation, maintenance, and repair of central heating are all tasks that our team of skilled experts is capable of handling.

Our Central Heating Services Cover:

Installation: Our skilled team of professionals is available to help you if you are wanting to install a new central heating system or improve your current heating system. We carefully evaluate the heating needs of your property and make recommendations for the best system to fit your needs and price range.

Repairs: Is your current central heating system having problems? Do not let the cold overcome you. Our knowledgeable specialists are equipped to identify and effectively resolve any heating issues. Our goal is to get your heating system back to working at its best so you can have a cozy home.

Maintenance : Regular maintenance is essential to extending the life and effectiveness of your central heating system. To ensure your heating system performs smoothly and uses energy effectively, our staff provides thorough maintenance services that include system checks, cleaning, and fine-tuning.

Reliable Drainage Service in London

We have the knowledge to quickly fix any issue, whether it is a bothersome clogged sink, an implacable blocked toilet, or a slow-draining shower.

Our drainage services include efficient leak repairs, prompt blockage clearing, complete drain cleaning to prevent buildup, and pipe replacement as necessary. With a focus on providing dependable solutions that guarantee your drains remain clear and trouble-free, we place a high priority on customer happiness.

To receive a free estimate from us and to benefit from a clog-free atmosphere in your London house, contact us right away!

Bathroom Plumbing and Remodeling

With our skilled bathroom plumbing and remodeling service in London, we are committed to transforming your bathroom into a lovely and useful room.

What will we do to help you?

Professional Plumbing: From installing new fixtures to repairing leaks and addressing drainage concerns, our licensed plumbers handle all areas of bathroom plumbing. We guarantee a dependable plumbing system and efficient water flow.

Remodeling a bathroom: Looking to modernize your bathroom? Our talented staff realizes your idea by providing personalized remodeling solutions that match your taste and budget. We can provide you with either a chic, minimalist design or a getaway with spa-inspired luxury.

Fixture Upgrades: Upgraded fixtures should be used instead of old ones in order to save water. We assist you in making the best decisions for your needs for anything from faucets and showerheads to toilets and bathtubs.

Tiling and Flooring: High-quality solutions for tiling and flooring can improve the appearance and use of your bathroom. Our professionals guarantee a flawless finish and exact installation.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers London

Our team of Gas Safe Registered engineers in London is committed to ensuring that your heating and gas systems are in expert hands. With years of experience and industry expertise, we provide dependable, professional services to keep your home warm and secure. From installations and maintenance to repairs and inspections, our qualified engineers are here to meet your heating and gas needs in every corner of London.

Licensed and Insured Plumbing Services near you

We’re really proud of something special. We’re a registered plumbing company in the United Kingdom, and that’s because the top authorities in the UK have given us their official thumbs-up. You can trust us for all your plumbing needs in London, whether it’s for installation, repairs, or maintenance.

What are the areas you cover?

We cover a wide range of areas in and around London, including Balham, Battersea, Brixton, Camden, Chelsea, Clapham, Fulham, Hammersmith, Kensington, Lambeth, Pimlico, Tooting, Vauxhall, Wandsworth, Westminster, and many more. From South Kensington to Catford, our expert plumbing services are just a call away. Check out our Area Coverage pages.

Do you offer emergency plumbing services?

Yes, we do offer emergency plumbing services. Our service area covers London.

What are some of the reasons you’ll like our plumbing company?

You might like our plumbing company because we’re registered, licensed, and insured. We’re professional, on time, polite, and clear about costs. We work openly with you and try to finish the job well and within your budget.

What are your occasional extra costs?

Our occasional extra costs include charges for parts and materials used. We don’t charge for parking, fuel, or travel time. We believe in transparency and prioritize client satisfaction above all else.

Is there a guarantee on your workmanship?

Yes, National Plumbing Services offers a 12-month workmanship guarantee.

Is your plumbing company licensed and insured?

Yes, National Plumbing Services is a licensed and insured company in London.

How can I contact you or get a quote?

You can contact National Plumbing Services by phone at 0203 488 1053, by email at [email protected], or by filling out a form on our website to get a quote.


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