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Hot Water Cylinders

At National Plumbing Services we offer a Superior Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Service 

Our highly qualified engineers can deal with all repairs, installations and carry out yearly servicing on unvented hot water cylinders and Megaflo Cylinders. Our charges are very competitive. Our fast and efficient engineers will assist you on a call out during the day or night, they aim to get to you quickly.
It is important that a professional is called out to attend all installations and repairs such as a broken hot water cylinder. Our plumbers are specialised in fixing and installing systems with faults or even replace any old cylinder with a new cylinder

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Types of Water Cylinders

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder – The systems pressure is from the cold mains water supply, which then flows through as hot water at mains pressure, this will enhance the performance of your bath and shower. Cold water storage tanks are not needed for unvented cylinders, which works in your favour if you have space issues.

An immersion heater can heat up the water, as can the central heating system or other renewal energy. If you are wondering if multiple fuel sources would be good to use, you should consider a thermal store.


Vented Hot Water Cylinder – A cold-water tank is required for a vented hot water cylinder and they are normally kept in the loft space of a property. To allow the trapped air to escape you must use the cold-water tank. This will also perform as an expansion tank to supply the expansion of hot water.

A vented cylinder is slightly different from an unvented cylinder as it does not require any extra expansion vessels.

Electrical Hot Water Cylinder – An efficient way of heating water is with an electric immersion, which captures the loss of energy which can be passed through pipework, and circulating pumps.

Indirect Hot Water Cylinder –Indirect cylinders do not heat the water directly. An external source provides the water to get heated inside the cylinder. The gas boilers water is heated up, which then flows through a coil that goes through the indirect cylinder, which then heats the water.

Megaflo Cylinder – An unvented system, which is a stainless-steel cylinder, is part of the central heating system the cylinder stores hot water. A megaflo cylinder can help improve the water pressure around the home.

The direct water cylinder heats the water up directly it has an element inside of them, which is typically 3KW.

We have engineers available, all day, every day, all year round.

Our dedicated team have a commitment to ensure that you are taken care of from the very beginning of your call. They are available throughout the year, every day and night to provide you with the very best so that your problem can be resolved quickly.

We offer the following installation and repair services:

  • Cylinder repair
  • Expansion vessel repair
  • Unvented system
  • Immersion heater
  • Unvented hot water cylinder
  • Stainless steel hot water cylinder
  • Low pressure hot water storage tank
  • Hot water cylinder thermostat
  • Hot water cylinder repair
  • Mains hot water cylinder
  • Immersion tank
  • Duplex unvented cylinder
  • Drain hot water cylinder
  • Hot water cistern
  • Direct unvented water cylinder
  • Hot water cylinder
  • Gledhill cylinders
  • Horizontal hot water cylinders
  • Cylinder seal
  • Discharge pipe
  • Electric hot water cylinder
  • Copper hot water cylinder 
  • Pressurised hot water cylinder
  • Water softener
  • Direct vented cylinder

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What you should know about National Plumbing Services ?

We provide a same day service. We have qualified engineers in each field. Our experts are available to deal with any repairs, installations, servicing any of your appliances and repair to all hot water cylinders. We have a 60 minutes emergency response rate and are accredited and are a quality assured Company. Our rates are fixed on an hourly fee, which cannot be beaten. We also offer fixed rates for complete jobs. We have trustworthy and reliable plumbers and engineers who operate all over London. Furthermore, our work is guaranteed for 12 months.